How To Use Proxifier With Your Freedom and Tunnelier ?
Last Updated on Sunday, 8 August 2010 05:12
Written by Kyle
Sunday, 8 August 2010 04:54

In SSH connection : After you’re connected to the remote server you need to configure your browser and application to listen local Socks proxy ( port 1080). The problem is some applications such as peer-to-peer software simply do not work with socks proxy or do not have the option of connecting to the internet via sock proxy thus in this case you need to have a direct connection to run the application.

In Your Freedom : The same is true when you’re connecting to your freedom server to bypass proxy server or unblock web sites and use certain application behind a restrictive firewall or web proxy server. Such applications as torrent software (not all anyway) do not work with http proxy or Sock proxy.

One alternative to work around this is to use proxifying software. One such application is Proxifier. Essentially Proxifier works to proxify connection made through socks proxy server as if you’re connected to the internet directly while in fact you’re connected to remote ssh server or your freedom server.

Bellow is a step-by step tutorial to use Proxifier with Your freedom and SSH tunneling client.

A. Using Proxifier With Your Freedom

  • Download Proxifier here
  • Install Proxifier on your computer
  • Configure your freedom to use Sock proxy as shown bellow :
  • After you’re connected to the your freedom server, open the installed Proxifier and configure the proxy setting to use your freedom Socks Proxy as shown in the picture bellow :
  • Configure Proxifier to use remote DNS by clicking the small DNS icon
  • Next in the Proxification rules add javaw.exe files located in the folder where you install Java Run Time : Option ——–> Proxification Rules ——–>Add—–>Add ——> and locate javaw.exe file which typically in the following folder : C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin
  • You will now be able to connect to the remote your freedom servers “directly “ without having to configure your browser or applications to use proxy.

    B. Use Proxifier With SSH Client (Tunnelier)

    Basically the procedure is more or less the same:
    Connected to the SSH server. To find out more on a step-by-step tutorial to surf unanimously using SSH tunneling Click here
    After you’re connected, set the Proxification Rules by pointing the file Tunnelier.exe :

    The last step is to make sure that Proxifier has been configured properly by clicking on the “Proxy Checker” Icon.

    Now you have the privileged access to run any applications behind s filtering web proxy or a firewall by combining your freedom and SSH Connection. :-)



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    Very informative, thanks alot for this tutorial!

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    thank you my friend
    your help was very good for me
    thank you very much

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